Place an ad in the EARTH Bash Program

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EARTH Bash is coming up soon on Friday, June 17! This is our largest annual fundraiser, and proceeds go towards our educational programming. You can help support EARTH and environmental education while promoting your own business by placing an ad in the EARTH Bash booklet which will be distributed to…

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Rhino Diaries #4 – Rhino Encounters!


Hi everyone, Thelma and Louise here! We’re back to blogging after taking a brief break. Rhino Encounters have returned for 2016, and we’ve already had quite a few people reserve their encounters already! Not that anyone can really be surprised by our popularity. Seriously, who wouldn’t want to spend some…

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Book Your Rhino Encounter

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Reservations for May and June Rhino Encounters are now available! This is your chance to get to know Thelma and Louise, Southwick’s Zoo’s white rhinos, and learn more about why we need to protect these unique animals. Show the world that you touched a rhino and a rhino touched you…

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