EARTH Discovery Center at Southwick’s Zoo

EARTH Discovery Center, Mendon, MAWe exist to educate people about environmental issues such as animal ecology, endangered species and threatened habitats. Our education methods include the extensive use of live animal presentations and hands-on activities. Our presentations take place at our Earth Discovery Center at Southwick’s Zoo, as well as offsite as part of our traveling ZooMobile. The staff of EARTH Ltd. presents a diverse range of programs to the public to increase awareness of environmental issues. Our programs may be customized to be curriculum-based and may include follow-up activities. Programs are designed to spark environmental awareness in children, the future stewards of our Planet.

EARTH Ltd. also offers selected students the opportunity to visit tropical habitats and observe first-hand the delicate and critical state of the environment.

With substantial in-kind staff support from Southwick’s Zoo, EARTH Ltd. has presented more than 10,000 off-site and daily on-site educational programs. Fundraising and donations are essential for us to continue serving the New England Area.

For more information please call our EARTH Ltd. Discovery Center at  1-800-258-9182 ext. 208 or 209, or view our EARTH Ltd. General Information Brochure. If you’d like to view our Discovery Center photo Gallery, click here.

EARTH Discovery Center, located in Southwick's Zoo in Mendon, MAEARTH Discovery Center, located in Southwick's Zoo in Mendon, MA