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ZooMobiles are our mobile outreach program. They involve an educator from EARTH and some of our animal ambassadors traveling to a school, library, or other facility to perform a presentation. ZooMobiles are a fun and interactive way to educate young students on topics including ecology, adaptations, and animal behaviors and they encourage an interest in life sciences. They’re a great option because they are far less time intensive than a field trip and you don’t have to worry about the weather!

We usually bring 7-8 of our education animals for ZooMobiles (usually 2-4 for career fairs or similar set-ups). The animals we care for in the EARTH Discovery Center change periodically, but we try to provide a unique assortment. Some of our animal ambassadors include: a sulcata tortoise, bush baby, armadillo, blue and gold macaw, kangaroo, baby American alligator, bearded dragon and other lizards, and rainbow boa and other snakes.

If you are interested in the ZooMobile visiting your school (or other facility) please call:
1-800-258-9182 ext. 208 (the EARTH Discovery Center) or
1-800-258-9182 ext.209 (Betsey Brewer)


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Click the picture to view and download the ZooMobile Teacher’s Guide!

There are three types of ZooMobile presentations:

“An Introduction to Animal Ecology”

This is our most popular program and involves an educator from EARTH bringing 7-8 of our animal ambassadors to your school and presenting on animal ecology. It is typically presented to groups of 30-150 students. This presentation covers the life science curriculum standards as well as general information regarding animal biology. It also includes a Teacher Packet with additional information and activities to supplement the presentation.

Formal Classroom Presentation

This involves an EARTH Ltd. staff member and an educator speaking to a group of about 20 students on a a designated topic. Topics may be chosen to cover a specific Massachusetts Department of Education curriculum standard or to reinforce a designated unit. We will present 7-8 animals and sometimes use props (snake skins and turtle skeletons for example). Students are encouraged to ask questions and participate.

Animal Facilitated Therapy

This program is for those whose needs transcend a traditional educational format. It offers unique individual encounters with specially selected animals. Typical group size is 10-30 people.


EARTH Ltd. is a non-profit organization and we offer reasonable pricing, however we cannot alter pricing for programs.

  • $500 (plus mileage fees) for one presentation. Must be during regular school hours.
  • $750 (plus mileage fees) to schedule two programs on the same day. Must be during regular school hours and programs must be booked an hour apart, unless arranged otherwise.
  • $650 (plus possible added fees and mileage fees) For after-school and evening programs
  • $1000 (starting price) for Exhibit set-ups

For more information, please call:
1-800-258-9182 ext. 208 (the EARTH Discovery Center) or
1-800-258-9182 ext.209 (Betsey Brewer)


Here’s what educators have to say about ZooMobiles


“The  ZooMobile program is an exceptional educational experience where students and teachers get an up close and personal look at the many different animals brought on these trips. The staff of the Southwick’s Zoo do a phenomenal job at showcasing and explaining the unique animals and their unique adaptations. These learning opportunities are fine tuned to be age appropriate and to align with and reinforce our science curriculum. I would highly recommend a visit from the ZooMobile.”

 Peter Blasi, Middle School Science Teacher


“The ZooMobile was a terrific addition to our library programming. It was an amazing experience for the children and their families to be sitting in their local library and be able touch the kangaroo, python, and other various animals. Tim and the Earth staff members were engaging, informative, and fun. A visit from the ZooMobile is something that you will not forget.”

Lisa Cheever, former Director of the Millville Free Public Library