Volunteer/Docent Program

zoobabyday2011022Volunteer with EARTH Ltd and Southwick’s Zoo!

Are you an animal lover looking for a way to contribute to EARTH Ltd and Southwick’s Zoo? Our docent program is for dedicated individuals who want to volunteer their time to help educate zoo visitors and help them create fond zoo memories!

What do our docents do?

Our docents work in many different locations throughout the zoo educating guests and answering questions. Docents act as the “answer people” within the zoo. Docents are asked many questions ranging from “Why do giraffes have purple tongues” to “What are the tigers’ names?” to “Where is the nearest restroom?” In addition to educating and assisting visitors, docents also have the opportunity to assist with certain events. Volunteering with EARTH and Southwick’s Zoo is a rewarding experience. Docents learn much about the zoo and its inhabitants, and they are part of an amazing group of individuals!

Those accepted to the volunteer/docent program must take a 10 week class to learn information about the zoo and its inhabitants. Each volunteer will be mentored by a senior docent and is asked to give 8 hours a month to the Zoo (from April – October).

Docent Benefits

  • A free Family Fun Pak to bring friends and family to the zoo after completing a certain number of hours
  • Discounts on food and merchandise purchased at the zoo
  • You’ll become a part of a great group of people!

2017 Volunteer/Docent Program

We will begin accepting applications in September. Check back soon for the online application.
All applicants must submit the online application along with a resume and cover letter.

Interviews for the 2017 season will begin in fall of 2016. Docent classes for those accepted into the program will begin on February 4th and take place every Saturday until the zoo opens in April. Classes are 9:00am-1:00pm.

*Applicants must be at least 18 years of age. Docents do not assist with zookeeping or animal care.



  1. Do you have volunteer opportunities starting in January, other than docent? 66 yr-old female. Can’t do heavy work. We took the grandkids to your zoo a couple of times this summer and I am so appreciative of the compassionate environment you create for your animals. Thank you.

    • Hi Janet, thank you for your interest in volunteering with EARTH and Southwick’s! We currently only have the one volunteer program. However, I suggest sending an email to Betsey Brewer to see if we may have other potential volunteer opportunities in the Spring/Summer after the zoo re-opens. You can reach her at betsey@southwickszoo.com

  2. I have been a docent at Southwick’s Zoo for FOUR WONDERFUL YEARS. It has been the most rewarding experience in my life. Paul and Cindy, the Docent Coordinators, are fantastic. If you love animals and want to feel you are helping them in some way, then this program is for you. The only requirement is attendance for the 10 weeks classroom training and then 8 hours a month. Anyone can find 8 hours once a month to give (or 4 hours twice a month)! Don’t be surprised if you find yourself giving 8 hours a week! I try to be there every weekend! It is a wonderful place to be and learn and teach and visit with the animals. See you there in February 2017??!!!

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