Welcome to EARTH Ltd.

EARTH Ltd., Mendon, MA

What is EARTH Limited?

Earth Limited is a non-profit educational and conservation organization that was established in 1999. Earth provides on-site programs at its Discovery Center and community outreach through the ZooMobile program, which travels to schools, libraries, camps, and other organizations. The ZooMobile promotes topics as diverse as animal ecology, endangered species, wildlife conservation, adaptations and so much more.

What does EARTH stand for?
Earth’s administrative facilities and our Discovery Center are housed at Southwick’s Zoo enabling us to reach large numbers of zoo visitors and spread Earth’s mission and vision. Additionally, the Zoo allows Earth to fundraise on-site and supports several of our most important events. Earth in return delivers all of the zoo’s daily education programs to the nearly 350,000 seasonal visitors.  Some very successful programs and activities offered by Earth include our Wild Adventure Summer Programs, Wild Adventure After-hours tours of Southwick’s Zoo, Docent and Intern Training, Research and Data collection, and Junior Zookeeper opportunities.

Membership is a key component of keeping Earth Ltd. fiscally solvent and creating a network of concerned and informed eco-citizens.  A membership with Earth comes with perks including unlimited visits to Southwick’s Zoo for the duration of your membership. Our many members, as well as contributors, are the backbone of support for our grass-roots organization.

In recent years Earth extended its reach outside of the US. Our international projects include support of Great Green Macaw Conservation, the International Rhino Foundation, whale shark research, sloth rehabilitation, and The Sarapiqui Conservation Learning Center in Costa Rica.  We are working to establish the Blue Moon Outpost, an educational retreat center, on Utila, located on a Caribbean Island off the coast of Honduras. Soon people interested in conservation ecology will have a first-hand opportunity to learn about tropical habitats such as the rain forest and coral reefs on-site in Utila.