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In recent years EARTH Ltd. has extended its reach to support and collaborate with numerous local education and conservation programs, including:

Blackstone Valley Education Foundation

BVEF provides professional development for teachers and school counselors, as well as innovative career-connection programs that assist students in the development of 21st century skills, by connecting the classroom with local businesses and the community. The goal is to assist with the development of our future workforce in the Blackstone Valley and throughout the nation.

Where the money goes:

Programs and services that connect current learning within schools to future career paths for students

Environmental Campaigns

Environmental Campaigns such as community clean-ups, recycling events, conservation themed movie nights, biodiversity festivals, and “Protecting My EARTH Ltd.” presentations at local schools.

Protecting My EARTH

“Protecting My EARTH” is an environmental education program offered by EARTH Ltd. to help students learn how to take better care of their community and their planet.

EARTH Ltd PME Threatened Habitats Powerpoint
EARTH Ltd PME Threatened Habitats Handout

EARTH Ltd. PME Plastic Pollution Powerpoint
EARTH Ltd. PME Plastic Pollution Handout

Interested in simple conservation?

Check out this PDF to learn more.

10 things you can do to help save endangered plants and animals

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