Because You Live Here!

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Visit Southwick’s Zoo on Saturday August 1st for a day of learning and family fun! EARTH Awareness Day (always the 1st Saturday in August) is used to help promote conservation issues through special presentations, guests, and displays. Activities are included with the zoo’s normal admission rates and this event is free for members of EARTH!


Event Schedule

EARTH Intern Projects – throughout zoo
Bird Intern Projects – near Bird Show Arena
Buzz 10 Honey – Near EARTH Discovery Center
Peter Hawkes with Greener Acres Farm Cow Milking Demonstration – Near Petting Zoo

Wingmasters – Birds of Prey presentation at the EARTH Discovery Center Stage

Amazing Adaptations at the EARTH Discovery Center Stage

Fur, Feathers & Scales at the EARTH Discovery Center Stage

EARTH Intern Project Topics

The Exotic Pet Trade
Bird Enrichment
Hunting & Poaching of Elephants
Sea Migrations
Differences Between Turtles & Tortoises
Conservation of Animals, Habitats, & Resources
Spider Silks & Webs
Sloth Rehabilitation & Conservation

Bird Intern Project Topics
Each intern selected a particular bird and behavior to work with.

Sugar the Umbrella Cockatoo & Voluntary Nail Trims
Zeus the Blue-Throated Macaw & Flip
Sydney the Harlequin Macaw & Vocal Behaviors
Henry the Blue and Gold Macaw & Voluntary Crating
Sebastian the African Grey & Towel Training
Shadow the Blue and Gold Macaw & Vocal Behaviors