Because You Live Here!

We have a special visitor here at the EARTH Discovery Center this month! Buck the elf is staying with us to find out whether our staff and Southwick’s ZooKeepers have been naughty or nice. We’ll update this page each day with new pictures!

December 2 (Buck arrived a day late. He traveled to Southwick, MA instead of Southwick’s Zoo)
Featuring: Zero the sugar glider

 IMG_9322 IMG_9308 IMG_9335

December 3
Featuring: Rupert the Red Kangaroo

elf and roo web

December 4
Featuring: Vegas the Galago

elf and vegas web

December 5
Featuring: Two-Toed Sloths

sloth 2 web sloth 4 web sloth 5 web

December 6
Featuring: The Amazing Red Bat

elf on the bat web

December 7
Featuring: Muntjac Deer

muntjac 3 web muntjac 2 web muntjac 1 web

December 8
Featuring: Thelma and Louise the White Rhinos

rhinelf web rhinelf web 3 rhinelf web2

December 9
Featuring: Cotton Top Tamarins

tamarins 2 tamarins 3 tamrins 1

December 10
Featuring: Molly the Giraffe

molly 1 web molly 2 web molly 4 web

December 11
Featuring: Tanzie the Chimpanzee

chimps web

December 12
Featuring: Yaks

yak elf 2 yak elf 3 yak elf 4

December 13
Featuring: Armor the Aldabra Tortoise

tort elf

December 14
Featuring: Zoe the White-Faced Capuchin

zoe 1 zoe 2

December 15
Featuring: Puffy the Turkey

1210151408g 1210151413a 1210151415h

December 16
Featuring: Ring-Tailed Lemurs

lemur elf 1 lemur elf 2 lemur elf 3 lemur elf 4 lemur elf 5

December 17
Featuring: Lola the Yellow Crowned Amazon Parrot, Sugar the Cockatoo, Jolly the Military Macaw

birds 1birds 6 birds 7birds 2  birds 4  birds 3

December 18
Featuring: Rose Hair Tarantula

tarantula 1 tarantula 2  tarantula 4 tarantula 3

December 19
Featuring: Plush Chimps

plush 1

December 20
Featuring: Butterscotch the Rabbit

butterscotch and elf

December 21
Featuring: Watusi and Aoudads

audad 2 IMG950388 watusi 2 watusi 1

December 22
Featuring: Calli the Common Marmoset

marmo 1 marmo 2

December 23
Featuring: Bactrian Camel

camel humps

December 24

elf in bananas elf in EARTH

bird room elf IMG952591

December 25
Featuring: Southwick’s Zoo Keepers

group shot smaller