Because You Live Here!

hognose pumpkinOne of the education coordinators’ daily responsibilities is creating enrichment for our animals. This helps keep them active physically and mentally, and it encourage an animal’s natural behaviors. Enrichment can come in the form of new foods, unfamiliar scents, puzzle toys, and even new changes to their environment. We decided to provide the animals with some fun Halloween themed items this past weekend!

20151031_141151Some animals, such as Vegas the bush baby and Pickles the African crested porcupine, were given pumpkins to eat. We also gave some reptiles carved pumpkins to hide in. Reptiles also respond well to scent enrichment. We made small scent boxes (decorated to look like jack-o-lanterns) that contained pumpkin spice. We hung small plastic basket shaped like skulls in the marmoset enclosure; these baskets were filled with strips of paper and treats to encourage them to forage.

Enrichment keeps both our animals and visitors happy!

pickes 2 halloween benny halloween calli halloween dill halloween gecko halloween lilly and benny halloween lilly halloween pickes halloween vegas halloween