Because You Live Here!

Hello Friends!

Everyone knows that we have a wonderful life at Southwick’s Zoo! But it was not easy for us before Southwick’s became our new home. We used to live on a wildlife preserve in South Africa, but rhino poaching was a big issue. We had to be careful and could not wander off alone. Even though we were still young, we feared for our life every day. But we felt better knowing that were were not alone because we were being protected by our park rangers.

Rangers, on behalf of all African wildlife, we thank you! It gives us hope to know that there are people in the world who are putting their life on the line to protect us. You patrol in the scorching heat and in the dark night to make sure we are unharmed. Whenever we need you, we know you are right there. You defend us when we cannot defend ourselves. You take us in, love us, and treat us like your family. When we loose a friend, you mourn with us and feel our pain. You bring justice for the loved ones we have lost. You are brave soldiers.

rhino diary 1

PHOTOGRAPH BY MARCO LONGARI, AFP/GETTY From National Geographic article “For Rangers on the Front Lines of Anti-Poaching Wars, Daily Trauma”




The fear of losing your life does not hinder you, because you are willing to step in front of a bullet so that we may have a future. When you lose a friend you do not give up or wither, but keep fighting for us. We know you are not working for your own interest, but for the sake of the whole world. If it were not for you, we would be extinct. We love you. You are a hero. You are our hero, and for that we thank you.


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