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Because You Live Here


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Friday, September 29th, 2023

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New EARTH Discovery Center

Today the EARTH Ltd. Discovery Center, which is located in Southwick’s Zoo, serves as our home base. As we continue to grow we are proud to announce our plans to build a brand new EARTH Ltd. Discovery Center adjacent to Southwick’s Zoo. The new, multi-level center will include an increased overall footprint, interactive areas for presentations and animal encounters. This will allow us to expand our educational and outreach programs. We will also offer a tranquil area with a Koi Pond and courtyard. Expanded plans will include an interactive experience which will transport visitors to key parts of the world where there is a vivid interface between human communities and wildlife. 

Our capital campaign is in full swing. But our goals are lofty, and we need your help. We will continue to hold fundraising events throughout the upcoming years such as our EARTH memberships, annual golf tournament, Rhino’s for Wino’s (September 29th, 2023),  2024 our EARTH Bash on June 21st, and more. By supporting these events you help support our day to day operations, as well as the new center’s capital campaign. To donate and support our capital campaign visit


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EARTH Limited

Our mission is to inspire, engage, and empower people in the protection and conservation of our planet’s biodiversity and future, both locally and globally.

Our vision is to realize a world where humans live in sustainable balance with all species, their ecosystems, and the environment, while supporting and protecting biodiversity. 

EARTH Ltd. Is a non-profit (501c3) conservation and education organization located at Southwick’s Zoo in Mendon, MA. We support local and global conservation efforts through memberships, educational programs, and fundraising. EIN 04-3439796

EARTH Ltd. • 2 Southwick Street • Mendon, MA • (800) 258-9182

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