Because You Live Here!

Because You Live Here


What’s New at EARTH?


for Summer 2021

Attention college students and recent college grads! We are currently accepting applications for Education and Animal Care internships with Southwick’s Zoo and EARTH Limited.

Virtual ZooMobiles

We are excited to announce that we will are now offering Virtual ZooMobile presentations for schools!

Educators can book a live presentation broadcast from the zoo, or purchase a pre-recorded presentation to stream or download!

ZooMobile Program

Our mobile outreach program will travel to your school!

Rhino Encounters

Meet Rhinos Thelma and Louise!


Intern with EARTH and Southwick’s Zoo!

Wild Adventure Programs

Fun and learning for K – 9th Grade

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Ready to make a difference?


EARTH Limited

is an environmental education non-profit based in Mendon, MA. Our mission is to inspire commitment to protect and conserve our planet and our future.

EARTH Ltd. offers a range of educational opportunities including internships, summer programs for younger students, a docent/volunteer program, the ZooMobile outreach program, Junior ZooKeeping, rhinoceros encounters, and more. EARTH Ltd. also offer live animal presentations at the EARTH Ltd. Discovery Center at Southwick’s Zoo from April to October.

EARTH Ltd. • 2 Southwick Street • Mendon, MA • (800) 258-9182

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