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Who We Are

Betsey Brewer, MA – Founder of EARTH Limited and Executive Director

The founder of EARTH Limited is Betsey Brewer Bethel, MA, a member of the Brewer family whom own and operate Southwick’s Zoo. While pursuing her master’s degree in wildlife conservation in 1995, it became apparent to her that the solution to the issues facing our planet is education and conservation. Whether researching endangered species, habitat destruction, climate change, or other pressures on this planet, Betsey realized that education ultimately would be key to a healthier Earth. After much thought, she launched EARTH Limited in 1999. EARTH is an acronym for Environmental Awareness of Resources and Threatened Habitats. Betsey is the Executive Director of Education, Conservation, and Research, as well as the Vice President of Marketing and spokesperson for Southwick’s Zoo. She is also the founder for the Rhino Encounters and Rhino Conservation Project through EARTH and Southwick’s Zoo.

Kathleen Morgan, PhD – Director of Research

Southwick’s Zoo and EARTH Ltd.’s Director of Research is Kathleen Morgan, PhD, a psychology professor from Wheaton College. Thanks to her dedication, Dr. Morgan’s students can study animal and visitor behavior at Southwick’s Zoo. Her research has focused on everything from visitor’s behavior regarding changes in exhibit design, interaction with animals and the effects on emotional views of animals and animal enclosures, to increasing adolescent girls’ test scores in science, technology, engineering, and math through their involvement in zoo exhibit design.

Samantha Russak, PhD – Director of Education

Southwick’s Zoo and EARTH Ltd.’s Director of Education is Samantha Russak, PhD. Dr. Russak oversees andcoordinates all of EARTH Ltd.’s education programs at the zoo, as well as those that take place throughout the community. She actively works with local schools and community groups to help EARTH Ltd.’s mission of providing environmental and conservation education and awareness to the public. She also works closely with other EARTH Ltd. program directors, as well as with zookeepers and other zoo staff, to ensure that Southwick’s Zoo visitors have a fun and educational experience.

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