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Animals We Care For

Our staff provides care for a diverse variety of animals in the EARTH Discovery Center and elsewhere in Southwick’s Zoo. Many of the species below may be seen during our live on-site presentations and during ZooMobile presentations at schools, libraries, etc. 

Note: Not all animals listed below are on display in the zoo for daily visitors to view.

Animal Enrichment

In addition to feeding and keeping habitats clean, did you know that providing enrichment is another hugely important aspect of caring for animals in a captive setting? Enrichment keeps animals mentally and physically stimulated, and it can promote natural behaviors such as foraging.

Enrichment comes in many forms including, but certainly not limited to, environmental, sensory, cognitive, and food related. We don’t like to see things go to waste, so our animal care staff also often gets creative and recycles items such as old fire hose, cardboard boxes, and paper towel tubing into enrichment!

Make a donation towards enrichment for our animal ambassadors.

  = Animal that may be used for ZooMobile program 

*Please note that animals without the van icon cannot be requested for ZooMobile presentations.
We try our best to provide a unique assortment of animals for our ZooMobile program, however certain animals may not be available on certain days.


African Pygmy Hedgehog

Brown Rat

Cape Porcupine


Common Marmoset

Domestic Ferret

Jacob Sheep

Lesser Hedgehog Tenrec


South American Coati

Southern Three Banded Armadillo

Striped Skunk

Two-toed Sloth


African Fat-Tailed Gecko

American Alligator

Argentine Black & White Tegu

Ball Python

Bearded Dragon

Blue Tongued Skink

Box Turtle

Corn Snake

Crested Gecko

Five-Keeled Spiny Tail Iguana

Frilled Lizard

Green Iguana

Japanese Pond Turtle

Leopard Gecko

Leopard Tortoise


Madagascar Giant Day Gecko

Mexican Black Kingsnake

Panther Chameleon

Rainbow Boa

Red Footed Tortoise

Red Eared Slider

Sand Boa

Saharan Uromastyx



Sinaloan Milksnake

Snake Neck Turtle

Snow Corn Snake

Western Hognose Snake

Birds, Amphibians, & Invertebrates


Blue and Gold Macaw



Cane Toad

Golden Dart Frog

Kaiser’s Spotted Newt

Tomato Frog


Curly Hair Tarantula

Death Feigning Beetles

Golden Kneed Tarantula

Madagascar Hissing Cockroach


Rose-Haired Tarantula

Salmon Pink Bird Eater Tarantula


Located at Southwick’s Zoo

2 Southwick’s Street

Mendon, MA 01756



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